HSBC Etihad Towers
AAID was appointed to design the new Abu Dhabi office in the Etihad Towers located on the Corniche with panoramic views of Abu Dhabi and the Arabian Sea from the 30th floor.
The design process involved early site analysis and identification of places to dwell, points of interaction and movement for client areas, executives, trading and sales teams. Functionally the environment provides a working space, with discrete built in storage, supporting video conferencing meeting rooms and in house cafe/lounge areas to support both client facing areas and staff areas. The client facing areas consist of client meeting rooms and private lounges. Safeguarding trading and investment functions is necessary, but connectivity is required through all areas. The concept embraces and evokes actions of classic, timeless, enriching and trusted qualities expressed in client areas with traditional hardwood mill work used in contemporary patterns. The executive suites, workspaces for traders and sales mirror the HSBC design philosophy and its approach to quality, innovation and style. The design accommodates modern features, clean lines, sophisticated and timeless palette of materials and colours that are brought to life by the dynamic lighting patterns.
Sector Commercial
Location Etihad Towers, Corniche. Abu Dhabi, UAE
Demise size 10,000 sqft
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