Indian Victory Motorcycles
A retail showroom setting that showcases two different motorcycle brands. Indian Motorcycles is the first American motorcycle company, it has an historic legacy reflecting the American open road. Victory Motorcycles is a new modern American motorcycle company that is less than 20 years old and is about the urban experience.
The design is based on the two company’s opposites. Day verses Night, Nature verses Man, Rural verses Urban, and Traditional verses Modern. To meld the space together the area is split with scenic silhouettes of the American Rocky backdrop and an urban city scape. The space is designed for the ultimate user experience with a dedicated private custom build area, bespoke workshop services, luxury valet services. The space allows owners to immerse themselves within the brand culture of their chosen brand. The result is a retail experience that shares characteristics in the use of materials, textures and graphics providing a cohesive environment for the selling of the two brands whilst maintaining complete individual brand identity without competing against each other. The buyers experience will lead them to the inner biker of a traditional open road experience with the backdrop of the western rocky plains on Route 66 or that of the night cruise downtown amongst the urban city streets of glass and metal building facades in a man-made metropolis.
Sector Retail
Location Mussafah, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Demise size 700 sqm
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