Morningstar, is a provider of independent investment research to investors worldwide. Design is at the fore front of their business thinking. Our team has worked with Morningstar for 10 years, in over 12 countries, and recently involved in Mumbai and London projects.
The architectural envelope, natural light and views, connectivity points establish clear work zones, and central and satellite places to dwell and interact. Strategic reviews for business operations, client services and functionality is considered. 395 people occupy the work space, client facing meeting rooms cater for up to 150 people, supporting staff and client cafe facilities support events, 24 internal meeting rooms including video conferencing, TV studio for podcasts and various lounges and cafe areas and integrated support services are provided for. The Morningstar design concept embraces and evokes a timeless modern classic environment that is highly adaptable and ensures maximum opportunities to meet and collaborate. The use of glass and open spaces reinforces core values of transparency and openness in business. Non-hierarchical work zones are established in areas of natural light. Privacy is respected, meeting rooms, telephone rooms and private booths provide quiet spaces. Acoustics, ambient controlled lighting and enabling technology are integrated. Touchpoints are considered. A neutral grey enclosure enables the highly industrial polished aluminium and white glass to shine in the partition and desk detailing. Colour hues, graphics and textures provide a vibrant collage of materials. Axial navigation and generous circulation spaces enable impromptu conversations.
Sector Commercial
Location London, UK
Demise size 40,000 sq ft
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