ROGO’s Roller Coaster Restaurant in Abu Dhabi is located in Yas Island where the Formula 1 Grand Prix and Ferrari World theme park are located. The principle of ROGO’s is to have fast gourmet food delivered to you.
The process involves highly technical interaction with food ordered through the ROGO’s computer system at each place setting. Technical and quality challenges that have been integrated into the design. The collaboration of these technical processes provides added drama and personality to the design. The entrance and architectural enclosure provide a calm and inviting entrance. The interior is dark to enhance the theatrical spectacle of the tracks. Key navigational features for the entrance, lift and staircase are clad in a striped panel system so they are easily identifiable. Feature lighting adds movement emphasising the tracks, with pendent lights to provide overall ambient lighting. A tornado-shaped gigantic spiral is the key restaurant highlight. Several loops and sensational rail tracks contribute to the entertainment of 360 diners in the restaurant over two floors. There are several loops, where two run parallel and opposed, plus the substantial tornado spiral.
Sector Hospitality
Location Yas Mall, Abu Dhabi, UAE
Demise size 15,076 sq ft
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